When your children are removed: it is almost irreconcilable. It may bear - well it does-bear down on parents with no recovery. This book reconciles excerpts from teh winner author title: "When Child Protective Services Takes your Children Pedophilia Erotica" A self- esteem breaker is your child's sexual harm within your home: and on your watch!!


One of the greatest traumas imaginable is when parents have to deal with the separation of a child. Mostly by divorce or the state legislature. Producing greater stress than dealing with the relationship-loss of a parent or spouse, a child’s absense is especially traumatic because it is often unexpected; it is also in violation of the "usual" order of things, in which the child is expected to "flock" away from the parent and start college: a profession, area of study or just their own household.

It's called "identity loss". Crafting a self-identity is an ongoing process that most people dont give much concrete thought to it just kind of happens. You slowly build interests and dreams. You take jobs, learn things, and experience different activities. This all shapes who you are, what you believe, and how you express yourself. Then a narcissist enters your life. Well, they become your life: all your thoughts, feelings, hopes, words, and actions are ultimately subservient to them.

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