A short version of an important & popular subject Breaking Generational Curses Series, When Child Protective Services Takes Your Children. It includes one (1) chapter as a helpful structure regarding an indictment in the criminal courts family system. Also included is a fathers engagement questionnaire survey and our most popular Appendix section. To purchase the book in its entirety, see the inside label.


"There is some more bad news. We thought that it would not go this far. We especially thought that the Lord would fight this battle in heaven and it would never reach the earth. We thought that the Lord would remove this part of the book and we would have nothing to write about in this section. We thought our kids would come home and the courts would be over. We thought it would not go this far. We thought that the Lord knew we had had enough. We thought that the generational curses were being addressed and were broken by the mere fact that neither of us was willing to abandon our children and allow CPS to tear our family away forever. We knew that we needed to learn, that we needed to stand and do some parenting a little differently and pray together as a couple daily for our kids. We see the lifelong testimony, and now it is time for God to end this. Let’s all get on with a better life having been through it all. Nope. Nada. Wasn’t God’s plan. Not gonna happen—didn’t happen!"

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